Hochschulstandorte im Land Brandenburg

Universities in the State of Brandenburg


The three universities, the four universities of applied sciences, the Film University "Konrad Wolf" and the eight private universities in the state of Brandenburg are modern and well-equipped, internationally oriented and allow for individual study arrangements.

A wide range of degree programmes enables students in the state of Brandenburg to receive a sound university education and gives them attractive career opportunities as highly qualified professionals after graduation, in order to help reduce the considerable academic demand for skilled workers, especially in the region. A good overview of the range of study programmes is provided by the Netzwerk Studienorientierung (Study Orientation Network) and the website of https://studieren-in-bb.de/.

The universities and universities of applied sciences also have excellent conditions for families. Students from abroad can find out at the Welcome Centre what requirements they have to meet in order to study in the state of Brandenburg.

Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg

The Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg is the second largest university and the only technical university in the state of Brandenburg with around 10,000 students. It is the result of the merger of the Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus and the Hochschule Lausitz (FH) in Senftenberg. 
At the three locations Cottbus, Cottbus-Sachsendorf and Senftenberg the BTU CS offers a broad spectrum of labour market oriented and classical courses of studies.

Here you can find an overview of the main areas of study as well as information on recruiting events and the right contact points at BTU.


European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

The European University was founded in 1991 and has since developed into one of the most important university locations on the German-Polish border. The university now has over 6,000 students. It offers a wide range of study programmes with more than 25 multiple degrees on bachelor’s and master’s levels. Its unique profile means that European and international aspects of law, economics and culture play a particularly important role for the faculties.

An overview of the core subjects and information about recruitment events and the right contact points at Viadrina are available here.


University of Potsdam

With over 20,000 students, the University of Potsdam, which was founded in 1991, is the biggest university in the State of Brandenburg. The university is divided into five faculties and provides a range of practical, interdisicplinary and modern study programmes from its three campuses, Am Neuen Palais, Griebnitzsee and Golm. What’s more, it is the only teacher training institution in the state and maintains close cooperative relationships in both the humanities and natural sciences with all 16 non-university research institutes in the region.

An overview of the core subjects and information about recruitment events and the right contact points at the University of Potsdam is available here.


Film University Konrad Wolf

The Film University KONRAD WOLF Babelsberg is known for its interdisciplinary, artistic, technological and scientific approach to teaching and research on the universal subject of film. Founded in 1954, the Konrad Wolf technical college for film and television (HFF) is one of the most modern and largest film schools in Germany. It achieved university status in July 2014 as the first German film technical college.

An overview of the core subjects and information about recruitment events and the right contact points at the film university is available here.

University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

The University of Applied Sciences Potsdam offers its around 3,500 students solid professional perspectives with 26 practice-oriented bachelor’s and master’s programmes. Since its founding in 1991, the university of applied sciences has continued to expand its provision with creative, engineering and socio-cultural study programmes. This means that the range of subjects now includes, in addition to traditional study programmes such as construction engineering, architecture, design or social work, much rarer subjects such as archive and library management, information and documentation, restoration or cultural work.

An overview of the core subjects and information about recruitment events and the right contact points at the FH is available here.

State of Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences for Finance

Those training to become civil servants in the senior and middle ranks of tax management in the States of Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Berlin as well as the Federal Central Tax Office complete their specialist studies or the theory part of their training at the University of Applied Sciences for Finance.

Core subjects

  • Law
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Administrative management

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Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development

With some 1,800 students and 16 study programmes, the University for Sustainable Development at the traditional forestry and wood research location in Eberswalde, is the smallest technical college in Brandenburg. Due to the unique combination of agriculture-oriented subjects, such as forestry, landscape management and nature conservation, organic farming, wood technology, regional management or tourism, it appeals to students from all over Germany and the world.

An overview of the core subjects and information about recruitment events and the right contact points at the University for Sustainable Development is available here

Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences

Approximately 3,000 students in the three specialist fields of technology, economy and informatics and media are currently receiving practice-oriented training for diverse and demanding occupations at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. It is based on the idea of researching with and for companies and the university runs several study programmes in cooperation with companies. There is also an intensive exchange between students and lecturers thanks to the multiple universities and colleges abroad.

An overview of the core subjects and information about recruitment events and the right contact points at the TH Brandenburg is available here.

Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences

Founded in 1991, the Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences, with some 4,000 students and 28 study paths, is the biggest technical college in the State of Brandenburg. The study programmes on offer include engineering and natural science disciplines, as well as economic, management and legal disciplines. The international orientation of the Brandenburg universities and colleges is becoming more and more significant for the TH Wildau. The proportion of international students already totals over 23%. International partnerships with more than 100 partner institutions in 60 countries also add to this.

An overview of the core subjects and information about recruitment events and the right contact points at the TH Wildau is available here.

Potsdam Technical College for Sport and Management

The Potsdam Technical College for Sport and Management is a not-for-profit facility of the “Landessportbundes Brandenburg” (LSB). With the two bachelor’s degree programmes in sport and management, students learn essential skills that take into account the structural changes in sport and its growing significance for healthcare and socio-politics.

Core subjects

  • Sport      
  • Applied sport science           
  • Management (sport or health)

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Clara Hoffbauer Potsdam University of Applied Sciences

The young, state-recognised Clara Hoffbauer Potsdam University of Applied Sciences offers accredited, dual bachelor’s degree programmes in social fields of activity. It was developed from the “Hoffbauer Berufsakademie” with its diverse cooperation partners and is now sponsored by the “Evangelischen Hochschule Potsdam gGmbH”, a subsidiary of the Hoffbauer Foundation.

Core subjects

  • Language and language development in social work
  • Musical pedagogy and music communication in social work
  • Mobility pedagogy and dance in social work

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Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane

The Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane (MHB) regards its specific answer to the changing demands made by our society on the healthcare system in general, and training for doctors, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists and other specialised healthcare occupations as both its founding mission and unique selling point

The MHB is a state-recognised university and a municipal not-for-profit organisation. It is committed to innovative teaching concepts, and the unity of research, teaching and patient care.

An overview of the core subjects and information about recruitment events and the right contact points is available here.

Elstal Theological Seminary (FH)

Study at the Elstal Theological Seminary, the first state-recognised technical college for Evangelical theology in Germany, is based on the Bible, reflected in science and connected to the community. It links excellent academic standards in teaching and research with a solid orientation to practice.

Core subjects

  • Evangelical theology
  • Free Church social welfare work

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XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences

XU Exponential University is Germany's first university to focus exclusively on digitization and technology.

The state recognition for the XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences is initially limited until November 31, 2023 by the state of Brandenburg.

Study focus

  • Digital Business
  • Coding and Software Engineering
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media, Data Science, Digital Transformation Management
  • Industry 4.0


Human and Medical University Potsdam (HMU)

The Human and Medical University Potsdam (HMU) is state-recognized as a university in the sense of the licensing regulations for physicians. State recognition is granted by the State of Brandenburg for the period from 15.11.2019 to 31.03.2027. 

Study focus

  • Human Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Medical Education
  • Medical Controlling and Management
  • Industrial and organisational psychology

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Local info-offices of the universities in the state of Brandenburg

The local info-offices of the universities in the state of Brandenburg are regional contact and coordination offices for prospective students, students and local companies. Their tasks include providing information and advice to prospective students, networking with companies, chambers and associations, planning events and campaigns, and bringing graduates together with companies in the region. Furthermore, they are available for cooperation with the other universities in the state and non-university research institutions. https://www.praesenzstellen.de >

Finsterwalde/ Westlausitz

Infos about: BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Technische Hochschule Wildau

Altes Rathaus
Am Markt 1
03238 Finsterwalde



Silke Söldner
E silke.soeldner@b-tu.de 
T 0160 462 99 30

Dominique Franke-Sakuth 
E dominique.franke-sakuth@th-wildau.de  
T 03375 508 791

Christian Rapp
E christian.rapp@b-tu.de
T +49 151 677 335 00


Infos about: Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Technische Hochschule Wildau

Rathaus Fürstenwalde
Raum 136
Am Markt 4
15517 Fürstenwalde / Spree



David Furmanek 
E furmanek@europa-uni.de
T 0177 206 72 14

Franziska Barth 
E fbarth@europa-uni.de
T 0335 - 5534 – 4321 

Lisa Marrold-Schwember
T 03375 508 642
E 0160 7230011
E lisa.marrold-schwember@th-wildau.de 

Luckenwalde/ Teltow-Fläming

Infos about: Technische Hochschule Wildau, Fachhochschule Potsdam

Beelitzer Straße 24
14943 Luckenwalde



Markus Lahr
T +49 3375 508 514
E markus.lahr(at)th-wildau.de

Manuel Haberland
T +49 3375 508 846
E haberland(at)th-wildau.de

O-H-V / Velten

Infos about: Technische Hochschule Brandenburg, Universität Potsdam

Am Bahnhof
Bahnstr. 7
16727 Velten



Mareen Curran
E mareen.curran@th-brandenburg.de
T 03304 565 896 4  

Josephine Stolte
E stolte@uni-potsdam.de


Infos about: Technische Hochschule Brandenburg

3 Standorte in Neuruppin, Pritzwalk und Wittenberge



Standort Neuruppin
Daniela Hirsch
T + 49 3391 82209 500

Silvia Last
T +49 3391 822 095 00

Standort Wittenberge
Sabrina Klabuhn
T +49 3877 984 112

Tina Vogel
T +49 3877 984 112

Standort Pritzwalk
Daniela Herrling
T +49 3395 709-8647

Schwedt/ Uckermark

Infos about: Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Berliner Straße 52e
16303 Schwedt/Oder



Juliane Roloff
T 03332 5389 - 19
E kontakt@praesenzstelle-schwedt.de

Anna Ilgert
T 03332 5389 - 20
E kontakt@praesenzstelle-schwedt.de

Elise Fräulin
T 03332 8340 - 216
E kontakt@praesenzstelle-schwedt.de

Spremberg/ Niederlausitz

Infos about: Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus

Lange Straße 45
03130 Spremberg

T +49 (0) 3563 59 42 712



Anna Illigen
T +49 170 845 694 0