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Research in the State of Brandenburg

Every large German research association is represented in the State of Brandenburg. A detailed overview of the Leibniz Association, Fraunhofer, Helmholtz and Max Planck Society institutes and their research focus points can be found on these sites from the Brandenburg Ministry of Science, Research and Culture (MWFK).

These are joined by a whole host of other research institutes, such as the Moses Mendelssohn Centre for European-Jewish Studies, the Sorbian Institute and the Einstein Forum.

The region is particularly renowned for its leading performance in the areas of life sciences, transport technology, natural and engineering sciences, software technology, microsystem and laser technology, and earth sciences. The universities and colleges of Brandenburg are also dedicated to intense research.

The University of Potsdam alone has some 50 joint appointments with research institutes in the field of natural sciences. With the Hasso Plattner Institute for Software System Technology, the University of Potsdam boasts an excellent centre for IT systems engineering that acts as a leading example nationwide of public-private-partnership.

Knowledge- and technology transfer

Including Berlin, Brandenburg is one of Europe’s regions with the most research institutes, the most technical colleges and numerous technology and start-up centres.

The transfer of knowledge and technology is crucial in Brandenburg. It produces numerous advantages and mutual benefits, for both the economy and the scientific community. This strengthens the innovative capabilities of Brandenburg companies while also enabling universities and colleges, thanks to this contact to business, to further develop their research and teaching in a practice-oriented way and bring pioneering technologies quickly to the market.

There is a technology transfer office at every university in the State of Brandenburg. Each transfer office has direct access to the latest research results and information regarding which scientist is researching which topics. The cluster teams  from the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB) establish the company’s innovation demand and provide contact details for the relevant university. This results in an extremely efficient, fast and requirement-oriented technology transfer. More information at

More offers

Network of technology centres >

Around 550 companies with more than 3,000 employees work in the 20 Brandenburg technology and start-up centres.

Innovation Requires Courage >

The project provides individual advice and coaching solutions for innovative start-up founders in the planning phase. The programme specifically supports people looking to start new businesses with fresh ideas and innovative methods in the State of Brandenburg. 

Brandenburg Innovation Skilled Workforce Directive >

The State of Brandenburg funds, with support from the European Social Fund (ESF), the employment of innovative skilled workers in small and medium-sized companies. The programme funds subsidies for completing a higher education thesis and the employment of working students, university graduates or those who have successfully completed a regulated vocational upgrading training course (technicians, master craftsman etc.) as innovation assistants.