Hi - welcome to Brandenburg

The state of Brandenburg is the fifth largest federal state in terms of area. Approximately 2.3 million people live here today. Brandenburg not only has plenty of room for everyone, but is also a modern quality location: repeatedly awarded as the most dynamic economic region in Germany, a pioneer in renewable energies and a region of excellence in the European Union. The economic region around the German capital Berlin offers companies and skilled workers the best conditions for their economic success.

Brandenburg's landscape is characterized by natural areas rich in water and forests. With over 2,800 lakes, Brandenburg is the state with the most water in the Federal Republic. Together with the strong economic dynamics, this forms an attractive contrast. Brandenburg stands for living, working and education in an intact environment.


Numerous lakes …

Spending leisure time in nature is a quality of life that is taken for granted in Brandenburg. On the water or on land there are many possibilities for activities. Brandenburg is horse country with many riding possibilities, angler paradise with the most different waters, richly at gulf places and Radsporteldorado just like Festivalland with numerous culture places. The travel and vacation portals offer a good overview here.




Plenty of support for families

For many people, family is the most important thing in life. In Brandenburg, families are offered extensive support. This includes good crèche, daycare and after-school care services with significantly better conditions for reconciliation than in many other federal states. In addition, there are offers for the compatibility of care and work as well as special educational and qualification offers, also for single parents.

The links below provide an overview of family services in the state of Brandenburg: