Start your own business in Brandenburg

Brandenburg supports and funds start-ups

Want to become your own boss and plan a business? Numerous partners in Brandenburg are there to ensure you find your way to self-employment. Extensive support is provided across the state for all start-up phases via regional, target-group and sector-specific offers. In addition to starting a new business, there is also the possibility of taking over an existing, functioning company and leading it.

The offers are as diverse as your ideas are individual: An initial overview with information and offers for starting business in Brandenburg is offered by the “Gründungsnetz Brandenburg” as well as the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB).

Initial questions on start-ups should be directed to the economic development agencies, the chambers of commerce and industry, the chambers of crafts and trades, and the orientation service in your city or rural district. Some regional networks are also able to help you along your journey to self-employment. Depending on the target group or the consultation requirement, the suitable offer is found together. This means that people with a migration background interested in setting up a business can contact the orientation service for migrants. The start-up workshops were launched for those under 30 who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Anyone looking to set an innovative idea in motion or start a business during their studies can make use of a dedicated service at the universities and colleges or the “Innovation Requires Courage” consulting and coaching service.

Service Partner Programme for Founders
of Amazon Delivery

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Amazon is launching a new initiative to help founders set up their own delivery service and deliver Amazon packages.

Amazon actively supports interested entrepreneurs in setting up their own delivery service. The entrepreneurs are guaranteed regular orders from Amazon as well as access to the company's delivery technologies, practice-oriented training and discounts on various goods and services, for example special delivery vehicles or work clothes with the Amazon logo as well as comprehensive insurance cover. In addition, Amazon commits to providing 500,000 euros to finance start-up costs for women entrepreneurs.

Amazon's offer includes, among other things, leasing of delivery vehicles, insurance services, provision of delivery equipment, uniforms for employees, fuel cards, payroll management systems, legal advice for the start-up as well as further legal support, tax and accounting services as well as support in hiring drivers.

Interested entrepreneurs who want to start their own Amazon parcel delivery service can find comprehensive information at