Returning to Brandenburg

Returning home to Brandenburg

More and more local and regional initiatives are focusing on people who want to return to Brandenburg—of course, “New Brandenburgians” are also warmly welcome in the state between Prignitz, Uckermark, Fläming and Lusatia. The initiatives, most of them voluntary or local, present their offers online and introduce their home, and often include job vacancies. They want to strengthen the bond to one’s home and the State of Brandenburg.

In Brandenburg you will receive support in many aspects, for example, in building up your own business. In addition, people up to the age of 30 who have already completed training or study are supported in starting their careers via the state programme “Einstiegszeit”

Network of initiatives for homecomers

Ankommen in Brandenburg

Local and regional initiatives in Brandenburg support people who are looking to return or move to the state. “Arriving in Brandenburg”—the network of initiatives for homecomers—displays the various homecomer initiatives on its website.
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The cities of Fürstenwalde and Storkow, the municipality of Grünheider, the administrative bodies of Spreenhagen and Scharmützelsee as well as the rural district of Oder-Spree all introduce themselves on this portal. Information on various topics, including the economy, tourism, life and health, is available here.
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(K) Calauer Rückrufaktion

The Calau company and the Wohn- und Baugesellschaft Calau mbH (WBC) offer exciting offers in their “recall programme” for homecomers, newcomers and new homeowners and organises two annual homecoming days.
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Cottbus Employment Agency

Would you like to go (back) to Lusatia? The Cottbus Employment Agency can support you with this and creates contacts with the relevant employers.
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All aboard at Cottbus Station!

A platform for everyone—for everyone who is coming home, already here or planning to move here. Call, email, or via social media—let us know if you’re coming home, already here or you want to settle here.
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Finde das Leben

Are you looking for an alternative to life in the big city? Are you a Brandenburg native, or you are planning to make it your new home? Homecoming or fresh start—get to know Brandenburg an der Havel.
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Freiraum Ruppiner Land—an open space

Those interested will find information here about living, working and living in the region. The Ruppin region is to the north of the federal State of Brandenburg and is part of the Ostprignitz Ruppin rural district.
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Guben tut gut.

With the slogan “Guben tut gut” or, in English “Guben is good for you”, this homecomer initiative uses targeted support to help former natives to return to their hometown.
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“Homecoming portal” of Wittstock/Dosse city

This portal is intended to inform people wishing to return or move to the city about the local labour market and to create contact between companies in and around Wittstock/Dosse and potential applicants.
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Heimvorteil Spremberg

The Economic Development Agency of the city of Spremberg is at the same time the coordination and contact point for homecomers. It provides information and liaises with contact partners in city administration, schools, employment agencies etc.
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hierzulande(n), which can be loosely translated to “around here”, is a project initiative that is active in social affairs in the Märkische Schweiz and the city of Müncheberg, and offers formats aimed at optimising the existing systems for people returning to the city or already living there, in addition to general advice.
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“Wachstumskern Autobahndreieck Wittstock/Dosse e.V.”

In its coordinating role for people interested in returning or moving to the city, the association supports companies, educational facilities, local communities and institutes on their way back to their former or future home.
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Willkommen mittendrin.

The portal of the SWISS KRONO GROUP, “Welcome to the centre”, advocates the region from the northwest of Brandenburg. Skilled workers can find detailed information here about work, family, life and leisure.
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Economic region West Brandenburg

Economic region West Brandenburg introduces itself! The portal shows job vacancies and provides extensive information about the region.
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Economic region West Lusatia

You can information here about working and living in the economic region West Lusatia.
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Zuhause in Brandenburg e. V.

The “Zuhause in Brandenburg e. V.” association, or in English “at home in Brandenburg”, especially focuses on the Brandenburg regions of Uckermark and Barnim and is aimed at everyone who feels a connection to or has an interest in the region.
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