Dual Career Service

Making a career together

The profession and the career opportunities of the life partner in one's own choice of professional location play a role that should not be underestimated.

We support employers in the state of Brandenburg in attracting and retaining employees and skilled workers by providing an extensive network as well as counselling and services for the professional integration of the respective partners.

In the competition for skilled workers and managers, companies can thus create additional incentives to apply and promote long-term employee loyalty as well as a positive corporate culture.

We also support academic professionals and their partners with various advisory services to help them gain a foothold in the state of Brandenburg.

Advice is provided in person at our offices, by telephone and by e-mail. Get in touch with us!

Service for Dual Career Couples

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Career & job search

  • Information on employers and scientific institutions in the region
  • Intensive support with job research
  • Establishing contacts with potential employers
  • Support in establishing contact networks
  • Analysis of career goals
  • Inter-agency and individual further education and qualification counselling
  • Information on current funding opportunities, scholarships, etc.
  • Screening and processing of application documents

Ankommen & Wohnen

  • Information on insurance, residence, recognition
  • Information on cultural and leisure activities


  • Information on schools and childcare facilities as well as educational institutions

Service for employers & network partners

  • Maintaining networks and organising regular networking events.
  • Promotion of a positive corporate culture and staff loyalty by supporting and advising partners of newly recruited employees regarding their career opportunities and the labour market
  • Unbureaucratic, regional cooperation, no contractual obligations


Katharina Luther

Katharina Luther

Tel. +49 331 704457-2911