Successful through transformation

Innovative Brandenburg

Digitalisation, modern mobility, sustainable industry, energy transition and digital health are transformation topics that need to be mastered for a successful future. The state of Brandenburg promotes and supports cross-industry cooperation between excellent scientific institutions and innovative companies. 

Many necessary transformations and innovations in very different areas have made the state of Brandenburg one of the most dynamic economic regions in Germany.

Digital transformation

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Digitalisation is changing almost all areas of the economy and the world of work, right up to the health sector. Artificial intelligence, robotic systems and virtual reality are becoming the decisive factors for a successful position in future markets. The digital transformation affects small craft enterprises as well as large companies in the state.  The cluster management of the state of Brandenburg supports and promotes the joint development and implementation of new technologies.

Sustainable production

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Sustainable production means using resources sparingly in all aspects of production. Brandenburg is already a leader in electricity generation from renewable energies. Innovative hydrogen technologies decarbonise production processes across all sectors. Mobility without fossil fuels, circular economy and bioeconomy contribute to resource-conserving production. The state of Brandenburg supports these processes by networking and promoting science and companies.

Energy transition

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The energy transition is a central topic with high priority in the state of Brandenburg. The focus is not only on the conversion of lignite-based electricity generation to "green" energy production, but also on production processes, biomaterials and energy-efficient lightweight products. Industry and science in Brandenburg are successfully working on ideas and implementing innovations. The state offers companies the best conditions for climate-friendly production.

Modern mobility

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Rethinking transport, mobility and logistics is the focus of Brandenburg's mobility turnaround. The state supports small businesses as well as large companies in switching to sustainable and resource-saving mobility and logistics concepts. The focus is on the production of CO2-neutral fuels, as well as electric and hydrogen drives. This results in new economic opportunities from which Brandenburg companies benefit considerably.

Digital Health

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Digital health applications and innovative care concepts also improve healthcare in rural areas. With the help of digital tools, specialists can more easily exchange diagnoses with GPs and save patients long journeys and waiting times in doctors' surgeries. For many years, Brandenburg has been a pioneer in model projects for digital support of health care - from telemedicine in rural areas (Fontane project) to the development of the stroke intervention mobile for the rapid treatment of strokes (Stemo project) together with Berlin.

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