Working in the health sector

Many opportunities for professionals

The health care sector has developed into a strong economic factor in Brandenburg. In addition to state-of-the-art hospitals and health centres, there are numerous rehabilitation clinics, private hospitals, nursing homes and a variety of employment opportunities in caring professions.


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Doctors in Brandenburg can choose from a variety of occupational profiles in general or specialist, outpatient care:

Full-time or part-time, establishment in a single practice, in a joint practice, in public healthcare service, in a health centre or hospital, self-employed or employed, employed as an assistant doctor in a general practice, job-sharing models...and all of this in a field in which medical specialists are presented with a wide selection of vacant and soon-to-be vacant residencies. 

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Nurses establish the care requirements of patients and are responsible for the planning, carrying out and documentation of care. They carry out measures determined by doctors and assist with medical diagnosis and therapy. Nurses primarily work in hospitals and health centres, and in inpatient and outpatient facilities for elderly care.

More than 20,000 nurses are currently employed in Brandenburg. Due to the population development the demand for nurses will continue to increase. This occupation thus offers excellent employment opportunities.

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Medical assistants

The healthcare industry offers a wide range of work in which a variety of occupations come into play. In addition to medical and care jobs, healthcare service providers and doctors' assistants also work in this sector. The healthcare industry has been characterised for years by solid growth in turnover and employment, even in times of financial crisis.

This means that employment chances and career opportunities are excellent in this sector. The healthcare industry thus has a strong future in Berlin and Brandenburg.

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Care assistants

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Care assistants plan, organise and document the care of elderly people. They also advise relatives and support the elderly in managing their everyday life. Care assistants primarily work in inpatient care facilities and for outpatient care services.

Hospitals and convalescent homes also offer employment possibilities. They also work in residential homes for people with disabilities or in consultation service centres for the elderly. Some 7,000 care assistants currently work in Brandenburg. There is already a huge demand for these people. These jobs will continue to grow in significance due to the demographic change. The employment chances for care assistants are excellent. 

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Therapists provide services that aim at developing, maintaining and recovering a person’s mobility and ability to be active and participate at the highest possible level. They help people of all ages when their mobility and functional capabilities are compromised by age, injury or illness. Physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being is taken into account.

Therapists work in all contexts of health support and prevention, as well as convalescence. They primarily work in hospitals and specialist practices. They are also employed at sporting facilities and wellness hotels. The significance of therapeutic services for health maintenance and convalescence is nowadays recognised across the board. Countless employment possibilities in the most varied of fields are thus open to therapists. 

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Info on the healthcare industry in Brandenburg

The healthcare industry is the sector of the future. This is already apparent in Berlin and Brandenburg. Over 280 companies in medical technology, 215 in biotech and some 30 pharmaceutical companies are clustered together here, forming the innovative core of the healthcare industry.

Opthalmic optics, the manufacture of medical-optical devices, clinics and other companies and facilities that use the successful products and services are also present. A particular feature of the healthcare industry in Berlin and Brandenburg is the excellent research and development activity. It is characterised by its international relevance, inter-regional networking and pioneering innovation potential.

The healthcare industry also offers excellent development chances for employees. Doctors and nurses are not the only professionals needed. Young people skilled at manual work will be just as sure to find something, as will those interested in technology, sport fans or young people that would like to work in an office on a computer. 

Trainees are sought-after in this sector and technical advances lead qualifications to be upgraded, which then broadens career opportunities and increases career possibilities.

Information and job offers within the framework of the Berlin-Brandenburg Health Industry Cluster can be found here: