Career Day Brandenburg International
from 07.-08.12.2023

With Career Day, we support Brandenburg companies in attracting skilled workers and employees from abroad. In addition to our networks, we promote Career Day at universities and in various countries. Career Day is a virtual trade fair with "exhibition stands" that are clearly arranged on a map. Visitors can find out about the various offers, compare them and make contact.

Conduct interviews with selected applicants

For your communication with interested parties, we use the b2match platform, which offers all forms of communication from live chat to video room. Interested parties register in advance and can then arrange an info meeting with you via an appointment tool. You decide which enquiries you want to accept and how many conversations you want to have. The advantage: you have more binding contacts from the outset than with an open live chat and can freely arrange your time slots on the days of the fair. You will receive detailed information by e-mail after registering for CareerDay.

Your exhibition stand is your profile

In addition to a short info about your company and your job offers, simply use the company profile you have created in the Fachkräfteportal Brandenburg for your presentation. It is worthwhile to make the company profile detailed and meaningful, as it can not only be used for every event, but is also visible as soon as you have an active job advertisement in the Fachkräfteportal.

We look forward to your participation

If you have vacancies for which you are also looking for foreign employees, you can register for CareerDay Brandenburg International here by 15.11.2023 (please note that the number of participants is limited).
You can post your job offers in a German and an English version (of course, your job offers can also be found "normally" in the job portal). The CareerDay page - and with it your company profile - will be accessible to visitors two weeks before the fair days and they can request interviews with you. The interviews will then take place on the days of the fair. On these days, visitors also have access to a live chat where general questions about working in Brandenburg, recognition of degrees, etc. can be answered.

Contact and Help

Thomas Krause-Heidenreich

Thomas Krause-Heidenreich

Projektmanager WFBB Arbeit - Fachkräfte und Qualifizierung
Tel. +49 331 704457-2910

Katharina Luther

Katharina Luther

Projektmanagerin WFBB Arbeit – Fachkräfte und Qualifizierung
Tel. +49 331–704457-2911