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The State of Brandenburg

Brandenburg has developed into a cutting-edge location of quality. It has been awarded the status of Germany’s most dynamic economic region many times, is a pioneer in renewable energies and has been named as a “region of excellence” by the European Union. The economic region surrounding the German federal capital of Berlin offers companies and skilled workers the best possible environment for economic success.

Brandenburg’s countryside is characterised by its nature reserves rich with lakes, rivers and woodlands; with around 3,000 lakes Brandenburg is the state with the most water in Germany. Together with its strong economic dynamism, this makes Brandenburg a multi-faceted region. Brandenburg represents life, work and education in an untouched environment. Whether visitors, companies or its own citizens, the State of Brandenburg offers extraordinary prospects and creates extraordinary prospects and plenty of space for individual input.

  1. The state at a glance
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  2. Key facts about the Brandenburg Economy
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The state at a glance

State capital: Potsdam
Languages: German, Lower Sorbian, Low German
Surface area: 29,654.4 km²
Population 2018: 2,511 million
Population density 2018: 84.7 inhabitants per km²
GDP 2018: 73.7 billion euros
Unemployment rate 07/2019: 5.7 %

The state has four self-governing cities: Brandenburg an der Havel, Cottbus, Frankfurt (Oder), Potsdam
und 14 rural districts with 413 municipalities

More information about the state’s administrative structure is available at the State of Brandenburg Portal

Key facts about the Brandenburg Economy

Brandenburg has developed into a prosperous economic centre. The dynamism and increasing economic power of the state is down to the combination of its regional strengths. Metal production and processing, plastics and chemistry, the food industry, photonics, and transport, mobility and logistics are among the particularly strong economic sectors.

This is also reflected in the economic structure of the state, which is concentrated on nine fast-growing clusters.

Economic clusters spanning Berlin and Brandenburg

4 Brandenburg economic clusters

The strength of the Brandenburg economy lies in its diversity. Alongside a broad range of small- and medium-sized companies, you will find international corporations, innovative craft trades and production industry. You can find a selection of key companies and scientific locations in our Brandenburg Navigator.

Key facts on industry in the State of Brandenburg (2017):

  • Number of industrial companies: approx. 1,200 companies with more than 20 employees
  • People in employment: over 100,000
  • Turnover: approx. 26 billion euros
  • Export rate: 28 %

Source: Statistical Office for Berlin and Brandenburg

Brandenburg—it’s that simple

“This way is the destination” This is Brandenburg’s greeting. For visitors, homecomers, immigrants or residents alike, the State offers extraordinary opportunities and creates space for development. The State of Brandenburg can be a great place to live for everyone. Get your first impressions here: