If you decide to do vocational training in Brandenburg, your career prospects could soon be fulfilled. Brandenburg has many vacant apprenticeships in interesting professional fields. And if you don't yet know where you want to go professionally - no problem! We'll find out together. And we'll also help you with any other questions >

    Never before have the chances for young people to find an interesting apprenticeship in Brandenburg been so good. Companies are looking for junior staff in almost all sectors. However, more than a third of boys and even half of girls concentrate on the respective "top 10" apprenticeship occupations.

    There is a wide variety of professions that correspond exactly to your own interests and offer great development opportunities, but are simply not well known. 

    Compared to other regions in Germany, vocational training in Brandenburg not only offers a wide range of training opportunities, but also advantages over studying. Because from the beginning of the first year of training, you are already contributing to society and helping to shape our common future. You will not only learn theoretically what really matters in your future profession, but you can also apply your knowledge directly in practice. And all this in one of the most beautiful regions Germany has to offer - in Brandenburg. Maybe even for good. Because as a rule, apprentices in Brandenburg move seamlessly into permanent, secure employment.er.


    In order to get even more young people interested in vocational training in the state of Brandenburg, we have launched the training campaign "Brandenburg wants you! Here training has a future. A joint initiative of the state government, employers, chambers of industry and commerce, chambers of crafts, trade unions, the Federal Employment Agency and other partners. The goal? We want to motivate even more great young people like you to start an apprenticeship with the best career prospects in Brandenburg. The trainees in our training campaign will show you what your professional future could look like.

    As in all federal states, the nationwide minimum training allowance has applied in Brandenburg since the beginning of 2020. As a result, every young person now knows what he or she will earn as a minimum during training:

    Nationwide minimum training allowance from 2020

    • 515 €   in 1. year of vocational training (2021: 550 €; 2022: 585 €; 2023: 620 €)
    • 608 €   in 2. year of vocational training (or 18 per cent more than in the 1st apprenticeship year.)
    • 695 €   in 3. year of vocational training (or 35 per cent more than in the 1st apprenticeship year.)
    • 721 €   in 4. year of vocational training (or 40 per cent more than in the 1st apprenticeship year.)

    Since these are minimum amounts, the training allowances are also higher in some cases. In contrast to studying, young people can thus stand on their own two feet at an early stage. At the same time, an apprenticeship in Brandenburg opens up a variety of career paths and thus also future earning opportunities. Where skilled workers are scarce, responsibility can quickly be taken on within the company, including the possibility of taking over the business.

    Those who complete their training to the end have excellent prospects of success in Brandenburg: on average, almost 90 percent of trainees pass their final examinations here. This is due to committed company trainers, modern vocational schools and the professional work of the chambers, inter-company training centres and other training service providers. 

    Brandenburg's companies score points for their high rates of hiring trainees after they have completed their training. Otherwise there is help with placement in qualified employment. Training in Brandenburg thus offers a reliable entry into the world of work.

    Those who already have previous experience (e.g. from a course of study they have started) or who have the Abitur can significantly shorten their training - this is also still far too little known.