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Assistance and jobs for people from Ukraine

Support for refugees

Information from the Brandenburg state government and free initiatives for people who are on the run because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine ... more >

Services for employers: language hotline and up-to-date information for companies

The "bea-Brandenburg - Betriebliche Begleitagentur" offers companies from Brandenburg a free Russian language hotline for communication with refugees from Ukraine ... to the offer >

Wanted: skilled workers. Offered: professional future

The Brandenburg Portal for Skilled Workers provides 6,000 current job and training offers in the State of Brandenburg and contact points for people who have recently moved to or returned to Brandenburg. You can find information here about funding for entrepreneurs, companies, students and much more about what the State of Brandenburg and its modern companies has to offer. There is also lots of information about the economy and life in the State of Brandenburg.

Excellent opportunities for skilled workers in healthcare

Brandenburg offers excellent career opportunities in almost all healthcare occupations. State-of-the-art hospitals,convalescent homes and health centres provide doctors with exciting prospects.


  1. e.g. nurses
    are being sought for training, part-time and permanent work.
  2. e.g. paramedics
    Compare job vacancies—or simply send your application.
  3. e.g. doctors
    are sought by hospitals, health centres and for succession planning.

Brandenburg has many faces

With the European metropolis at its heart, people here enjoy the advantages that a cosmopolitan city has to offer. What’s more, the most beautiful, largely untouched rivers, lakes and vast forests are all within close distance. There are many possibilities for people who want to spend their leisure time close to nature, be it horse riding or water sports, cycling, hiking or simply finding inspiration from rural culture.

e.g. horse riding: across endless forests and meadows

The State has an active cultural scene and a wide range of local sport offers.

e.g. festivals: feel the magic at the Inselleuchten light festival in Marienwerder 

There’s so much to discover

Paradise on your doorstep

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